Amiad Water Systems Automatic Filters

Amiad, Arkal & Filtomat

Amiad's unparalleled range of filtration solutions, including Arkal and Filtomat filters, is designed to meet the demanding and diverse requirements of the industrial and municipal sector. With Deeco designing, supplying, commissioning and maintaining systems in NZ for over three decades, we provide specialized systems designed to effectively treat and filter water according to each customer's specific requirements. 

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Groundbreaking multi-screen polymeric,
self-cleaning filter for irrigation

  • Unique mechanical components
  • Polymeric housing and parts
  • Innovative compact design
  • Flow Rate: 30 - 120m³/h
  • Filtration degree: 80 - 300 micron
  • Diameters: 4"
  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 1.5 bar
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Arkal Spin Klin and Galaxy Filters

Arkal 3" Spin Klin Disc Filter

Arkal's unique disc three dimension barrier filters has not only replaced the common screen filter in demanding applications, but also the pressure sand media filter under some operating conditions.


Amiad SAF Filters

Amiad SAF

The automatic self-cleaning filter - suitable for more applications than ever

Filtomat M100 & M300 Filters

Amiad M100 and M300 Filter

Versatile and efficient self cleaning hydraulic filters that require no external power source


Filtomat MCFM Filters

Filtomat MCFM

Automatic continuous self-cleaning filter for high flow rates and high dirt loads

Filtomat AMF² Filters

Filtomat AMF² 

Innovative self-cleaning microfiber water filters for treatment as fine as 2 micron

  • Flow Rate: up to 320m³/h
  • Filtration degree: 20 to 2 micron
  • Water for cleaning: less than 1% of the total flow
  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 0.5 bar
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Amiad EBS Filters

Amiad EBS Filter

The largest automatic self-cleaning filter for fine filtration

Amiad ABF Filters

Amiad ABF

Automatic self-cleaning filters for high loads of suspended solids


Amiad TAF Filters

Amiad TAF

Innovative self-cleaning high quality plastic filter for large variety of applications

Amiad Media Filters

Amiad Media Filters

Versatile high quality Media Filters solution for depth filtration applications.